Debanjana Haldar

Debanjana Haldar

UX Designer focusing on Interaction/Motion design.

Hi, I'm Debanjana. I like to call myself a Student of Life, pursuing Surprise.

I primarily work in product motion design. I'm interested in things that make the ~internet~ a better and safer place. I'm currently working in EdTech and have previously worked in the domain of AI business analytics.

I'm really thankful for all the opportunities I got where I had the benefit of meeting amazing people, learning from them and working together on things I'm passionate about. I want to keep doing that, and in the process, bridge the gap between tools, platforms, resources and those who are in need of them. Every step is a lesson for me, I cannot even fathom the immensity of the roads I want to traverse; I’ve barely started this journey and I already want to run. I don’t think this will ever stop.

I also love stargazing, and playing connect-the-dots on a starry night sky. In my free time, I'm generally trying to be a less anxious person, drink more water and take care of myself (if u'r seeing this, just drink some water already!!) and ofcourse, if you ever wanna geek out over something you’re passionate about or just philosophize things in general, shoot me an email!